Judy Cervini,  

Medical Marijuana Specialists located in Orange, CT

Judy Cervini,   

Meet Judy Cervini,  

Office Manager


Judy Cervini is the office manager for Advance Telemedicine. She providers exceptional customer care to our patients. She works closely with the providers and dispensaries to provide a seamless experience.  She assists with scheduling, patient questions, paperwork and much more. Judy is very well known in the Cannabis space and was one of the first licensed dispensary technician in Connecticut. She has a decade of experience working in 2 of the first dispensaries. Her combined experience, passion and knowledge for cannabis has aided in helping her patients reach a better quality of life. Over the years Judy has helped the stigmatization of cannabis not only with patients but also educate physicians on cannabinoids that overflowing from and the cannabis and the homeopathic powers it contains.