Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs will help you better understand our mental health services, health insurance, and provide answers to common questions about making an appointment, billing, and general Rappore policies.
What is Advance Telemedicine?
We are a telemedicine provider that allows you to speak with one of our providers at the comfort of your own home through your smart phone or computer.
How should I prepare for my visit? 
Get the most out of your appointment:

• Find a quiet, private space for your appointment • Have your photo ID ready. If the appointment is for your child, we need to see your ID.
• Grab a thermometer and a flashlight in case your provider asks for assistance. For a Video Visit, you will need to have Internet connectivity, a web cam and enabled microphone. If your Video Visit is disconnected, the health care provider you were speaking to will connect with you again.

Is it possible to receive a doctor's note? 
Advance Telemedicine providers can provide simple forms such as work/school excuses or return to work/school documents whenever clinically appropriate. Advance Telemedicine ‘s policy is to provide an excuse note for no more than 3 consecutive days.

If additional days are requested, a new appointment is required for a new doctor’s excuse note for up to another 3 consecutive days. Please discuss your need for a work note with your Advance Telemedicine provider at the time of the appointment for swift processing.

Advance Telemedicine is not able to provide more substantial documents like FMLA forms, Disability forms or Handicap/DMV card documents. These documents require an in-person evaluation and/or a long-term evaluation period which we are not able to provide.