Antoinette Towle, RN, MSN, ARPN, Ed.D

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Antoinette Towle, RN, MSN, ARPN, Ed.D

Meet Antoinette Towle, RN, MSN, ARPN, Ed.D


Antoinette Towle, RN, MSN, ARPN, Ed.D, is a board-certified advanced practice registered nurse at Advance Telemedicine, based in Orange, Connecticut. She is committed to providing high-quality, virtual health care to individuals and their families. 

Antoinette earned her Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, and her Masters in community health nursing from the University of Hartford in Hartford, Connecticut, focusing on pediatrics and school health. She brings more than 20 years of experience to the practice. Before joining the Advanced Telemedicine team, she owned and operated two nursing homes, receiving extensive on-the-job training in geriatric medicine and senior health care. She continues that work to this day, providing at-home care to patients enrolled in the practice’s hospice program.

At Advanced Telemedicine, Antoinette takes a holistic, whole-body treatment approach. Although trained in traditional Western medicine techniques, she realizes they aren’t always the best treatment option. As a result, Antoinette combines natural remedies, healthy lifestyle changes, and pharmaceuticals (when needed) to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

Outside of work, Antoinette is active in the community. She’s written several books and regularly speaks at industry conferences and events on various topics. Antoinette welcomes anyone needing complete health care to schedule an appointment with Advanced Telemedicine today.